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  1. Mike Marusin, Independent iPhone Developer, Naperville, IL [Attending on Sat., can't make it Sun.] @marusin
  2. Justin Williams, Second Gear, LLC, Evansville, IN
  3. Chris Foresman, Contributing Writer at Ars Technica, Chicago, IL
  4. Victoria Wang, hacker-painter, Naperville, IL
  5. Wolf Rentzsch, Red Shed Software, Schaumburg, IL
  6. Ben Gottlieb, Stand Alone Inc, Chicago, IL [Attending on Sat., can't make it Sun.]
  7. Sean Willson, WideAsleep, LLC, Downers Grove, IL [Attending on Fri, Sat., can't make it Sun.]
  8. David L Kinney, Oak Park, IL
  9. Thomas Swift, 1821 Design, Elk Grove Village, IL
  10. Dave Dribin, Bit Maki, Inc., Chicago IL [Attending on Sat., can't make it Sun.]
  11. Nancy Ross Dribin, Adler Planetarium, Chicago, IL [Attending on Sat., can't make it Sun.]
  12. Kirk Skaar, Naperville, IL
  13. Matt Kenigson, Lextech Global Services, Lisle IL
  14. David Rock, Lextech Global Services, Lisle IL
  15. Kevin A. Mitchell, Chicago, IL
  16. Brawnski Armstrong, Oak Park, IL
  17. Brad Larson, Sunset Lake Software, Madison, WI
  18. Eric Linder, Clarity Communications Systems Inc. / ISCO International, Aurora IL
  19. Ben Tweel
  20. Bryan Nystrom, Natara Software, Inc, Naperville, IL
  21. Adrian Mannella, Independent Consultant, Chicago, IL
  22. Dustin Anderson, Designkitchen, Chicago, IL
  23. Orville Chomer, Chomer.com, Forest Park, IL
  24. Shinji Kuwayama, Kuwayama Design, Chicago, IL
  25. Stephen Celis, Chicago, IL
  26. Shane Vitarana, Developer of Drum Kit and Places, Chicago, IL [partly on Sat.]
  27. Adam Childs, Oak Park, IL
  28. Brian Prescott, Columbus, OH
  29. Timothy Skaggs, TheAppLife.com, Bloomington, IN [All Saturday and Sunday]
  30. Phil Skaggs, TheAppLife.com, Valparaiso, IN [All Saturday and Sunday]
  31. Don Briggs, Michigan City, IN 
  32. Cory Pratt, Creative Algorithms
  33. Jeff Biggus, Big Stone Phone, Chicago, IL
  34. Karl Schmidt, Lextech Global Services, Lisle, IL
  35. Scott Corley at Red Mercury
  36. David Rangel, Chicago IL
  37. Irene Replogle, Chicago IL
  38. SangYoon (Sean) Lee, Chicago, IL
  39. John Brewer, Mountain View, CA


Folks we are sad that they couldn't make it:

  1. Bob Frank, Senior Education Consultant at Apple, Chicago, IL (probably cannot attend)
  2. Clint Shryock, Columbia, MO (can't attend)
  3. Richard Wolf, UIC, Chicago, IL (I'm most sorry, but I can't attend after all ... family crisis has arisen)
  4. Paul Robichaux, 3Sharp, Perrysburg, OH (can't attend this one, but will make the next one!)
  5. Tom Printy, Elgin, IL  sorry I won't be able to attend......
  6. Steve Ryner, Gurnee, IL @amarshwren
  7. Blair Johnson, TheAppLife.com, Lafayette, IN (No can do. Called into work....)
  8. Jason Foreman, Datalogics, Inc, Chicago, IL (unexpected visit from family)
  9. John Haney, west of Chicagoland (long story, but Saturday was a very very long day -- looking forward to next year!)
  10. Patrick McCarronMobileAge, Inc, Carpentersville, IL [Wish I could have made it, thinks came up,  Hopefully next year!]
  11. Naseer Khan, Addison, IL (Murphy stopped by!!!  Looking forward to followup reports and next year)

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33. Don Briggs, Michigan City, IN

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